Department of Finance

Department Overview

Financial advisory panel
Budget 2019-2020 documents

Our services that we provide include:

  • Delivering timely, efficient, reliable ongoing services including bill payment, cash receipts, payroll administration, cash management, financial forecasting, budget preparation, and financial reporting.
  • Developing the government's accounting policy.
  • Designing, implementing and maintaining the corporate financial management systems.
  • Providing financial analysis and advice to Management Board.
  • Providing economic research, analysis and reports.
  • Providing leadership and coordination for fiscal and economic policies.
  • Developing the government's tax policy and programs, collecting taxes and other revenues and managing the investment of public monies.
  • Negotiating and administering financial arrangements with other governments, including the Government of Canada and self-governing Yukon First Nations.
  • Helping you develop a survey from start to finish.
  • Helping you find, understand and use statistical information.